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Hopes - a funeral family

Hope and Sons has over 130 years experience within the funeral industry, five generations of the Hope family have directed, guided and worked within the company since it was established in 1887. The current Location Manager, Andrew Maffey is married to Phillipa Maffey (nee Hope), he currently represents the fourth generation of the family. Andrew has worked within the company for over 18 years, he has observed and worked closely with the past generation of the firm as well as with the previous managers Michael and Jannette Hope.

Over time funerals have changed and evolved, what families want and expect has changed too. As a business that has seen and been a part of the evolution we are uniquely qualified to care for families and our community, making each funeral or farewell special for every family our firm looks after.


Hope and Sons is a “family” and we often get people mention “the team at Hopes”, and that’s exactly what we are. We have over 33 staff throughout each of the departments within the business. We have a range of personalities, experiences, ages, and skills so when we all work together we can help create a good experience at an often-difficult time.

Death is a normal part of life, we acknowledge that many people would rather not think about it or deal with it. That’s where we fit in, on a day to day basis we ensure our skilled team are available to help solve problems and provide meaningful real service. Although we are happy to take care of every detail, we love it when families want to be more involved and help in the process. It is good to be involved and is a healthy part of grieving.

They love Dunedin, and feel privileged to be helping at a very private and difficult time.

Hopes have always been friendly and welcoming, as well as respectful and dignified, and they have long understood the strength in being client focused and market orientated. That’s why they have stood out as leaders in the field of embalming and funeral directing, not just at a community and regional level, but nationally and internationally as well.

For years, the directors of the company have attended many informative and educational conferences, and traveled widely to confirm existing practices, and enhance and add to the already comprehensive range of services provided.


Andrew Maffey

Andrew Maffey — Manager

Andrew began his connection with Hope and Sons early, as he went through school with a couple of the Hope boys. Hopes always stayed in the back of his mind as a business he would like to be a part of. 

As a Funeral Director Andrew enjoys that every day is different, and he gets to utilise his event management skills to pull together carefully thought out services. He finds dealing with people from all walks of life highly satisfying.

Andrew has had some memorable moments at Hopes including a funeral that concluded with him taking the hearse for a lap around Forbury raceway following a horse and driver while Kenny Rogers ‘The Gambler’ played through the PA system. Everyone cheered as the hearse crossed the finish line.

In his spare time Andrew can be found spending time with his wife Philippa (nee Hope) and kids Jack and Alex, cycling (road and mountain bike), and playing the occasional song on his guitar. His favourite place in Dunedin is cycling over Highcliff Rd, taking in the stunning views from all directions and descending down the hill at a cracking pace.

Andrew’s song of choice at his funeral would be ‘Southern Man’ (Denis Henderson).

Contact — andrew@hopeandsons.co.nz

Some of our team

Johanna Kinvig —  Funeral Director

Johanna Kinvig — Funeral Director

Nicky Third —  Funeral Director

Nicky Third — Funeral Director

John Finlayson —  Funeral Director

John Finlayson — Funeral Director

Chaim Cleavin —  Funeral Director

Chaim Cleavin — Funeral Director

Donna Jenkins —  Funeral Director

Donna Jenkins — Funeral Director

Mel Pearson -  Funeral Director

Mel Pearson - Funeral Director

Jodie Hope -  Funeral Director

Jodie Hope - Funeral Director

Barbara McClenaghan —  Administration

Barbara McClenaghan — Administration


Mortuary Team — Robyn Thomson, Chris Bowen, Katie Homan, and Matt Jenkins

Hopes embalmers appreciate that one of the more important aspects of the funeral is our high level of care we provide the person that has died. The dedication to restore respect and dignity to that person in a safe and personal manner feels really important.

Much of what we do is behind the scenes but getting that continual feedback that families have enjoyed their visiting and viewing experiences provides huge personal satisfaction. It is the last act we can perform to honour any person.

We also assist in transfers from the place of death to our care, preparing for funerals behind the scenes, assisting at funerals and operating all the audio-visual gear. It’s nice being able to help families’ when they visit to one of our family lounges. We are dedicated professionals, highly skilled at the art and science of modern embalming, and really value our qualifications and experience.

There is nothing more rewarding than being able to return a person to their family in a natural and peaceful way so they can spend time together.

Robyn Thomson - Nat.Dip.Emb

Chris Bowen - Nat.Cert.Emb

Katie Homan - Nat.Cert.Emb

Matt Jenkins - Nat.Dip.Emb